Back Where We Started…

Some of you may remember this as lyrics to a Kink’s song in the eighties, or some of you may have experienced this when you were looking for directions and went full circle and found yourself in the same place…and asked…now where do we go?
Well, that is where my husband Mark and I are currently located. After raising “almost-four” children ( I say almost, as we lost our youngest to cancer at the age of 8), marrying  2 of them off in the last year, with one finding her way in the fashion industry in the “Big Apple”, we find ourselves “Back where we started”.
I originally was going to call this blog “Newlyweds with experience” (lol) as that is kind of what we are. We are back to just the two of us like when we were newlyweds, but have over 30 years of marriage and life experience behind us. We have been through thick and thin, for better and worse, in sickness and in health, and we prefer not to go the next line… and God willing, hope we have many more roads to travel.
So where DO we go from here. Well our first decision is to downsize. After being a homeowner for the last 25 years, we are moving into an apartment. In the past 2 years, we went from over 2000 square feet, to 1700 square feet and now we are moving into a 5 room apartment- 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, and a bathroom (and we do have a small attic and some basement space for storage). We will be living above Mark’s dad so you can say we are truly back to where we, or least “he” started.
So when downsizing, where do you begin. How do you plan? So up to this point, we bought a for sale sign, put our house up on the market and starting to think and re-think what to do first. Of course, we do not always have the same thoughts even after being together after all these years… So we decided to clear out some space in the new basement to give us room to store some of our seasonal items. That was easy since these are things we won’t need until the holidays roll around.
Now what? Well, he decided it would be good to move some of our permanent living items to the new place and use alternative pieces until the “official move” to see what is leftover. So our loveseat and overstuffed chair were moved into the new space as well as the dining room table and thankfully, it fits. We gotta eat!! We also have a bed so we can stay when we are too tired to drive… forgot to mention, the new place is 40 miles away. So we will now be commuting to work. In the mornings, he likes “sports talk radio” and I like music, but I’ll leave that for another blog (lol).
I truly have to say after moving these necessary pieces, I reflected on what else I truly needed. Yes, I need my dishes, and cooking items, a few wine glasses (enough for ourselves and our friends), as well as bedding and towels, but really how much stuff do we need? I then think about how much “stuff” I have left to get rid of. When I said we were downsizing, I wasn’t just referring to space, but also getting rid of things we no longer need or use. As easy it is to talk about, it isn’t as easy to actually do. I hope to continue blogging as we continue this process as there is a story in every nook, cranny and knick-knack.
So this journey continues… back where we started. Back to thinking about what exactly do we need and what can we get rid of? Back to creating a space and making it a “home” when the kids come back for a visit. Back to the two people who made a commitment and started a journey that has come full circle. The ride continues as we begin the next leg of this trip we call life. So, what’s our next move? Hopefully you’ll come along for the ride with us… stay tuned.


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